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NCT Dream – The Dream Show 2 in Berlin

The dreamies are on tour, on their last show for the European leg they visited the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany. We fortunately got our hands on one ticket and enjoyed an incredible show that we will fondly remember for a while. 

We have followed the dreamies since their ‘Chewing Gum’ era, and after this tour we cannot believe how much they have grown and how they keep getting better and better, even after almost 7 years of their debut. 

A field full of grass

With a couple of delays getting into the arena, we managed to get the very much needed merch and headed to our respective seats. We were received by a wave of NCTzens having the time of their lives, enjoying each other’s company and excitedly waiting for NCT Dream

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

The concert then kicked off with a VCR showing a blind-folded Jeno, and the members having a little conversation. The intro started, and after a countdown, Czennies welcomed NCT Dream with loud cheers and a lot of energy. 

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L.

‘Glitch Mode’ kicked off the party and the crowd went wild, we were all singing along, dancing and cheering for the dreamies. ‘Countdown (3, 2, 1)’ was next and with high energies the members briefly left the stage while an intro video for the next song played. 

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L.

The members came back to stage during the second chorus of ‘Stronger’, this song goes hard and so did NCT Dream and their incredible dancing skills, synchronization and performance. After this single the Intro ment started, and all the members spoke a little bit of German, this was exceptionally thoughtful of them and adorable. Massive shoutout to the translator who during the concert was the intermediary between Czennies and the members. She absolutely rocked it. 

After all the intros and plenty of shouting, ‘Dreaming’ played next, and for this single we absolutely loved their intro, the formation was super pretty and delicate, and the vocals were just peak perfection. 

‘Deja Vu’ followed, we all finally got to see Jaemin’s viral dance move for the second verse of this song, and as expected it was one very satisfying shoulder isolation moment, they absolutely killed it. 

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L.

To the First Love

A new VCR showing the members in a very funny and a bit cringey moment, introduced the fans to the second set of this concert. Dedicated to the first love.

‘My First and Last’ began this section of the gig, and as expected the crowd sang their hearts out with this legendary song. We got even more romantic with ‘Bye My First’, ‘Love Again’ and ‘To My First’. Our favourite part in this set goes to Jisung and his “Ich Liebe Dich” during his last verse in ‘Bye My First’, absolutely adorable. 

This set ended, and a new VCR introduced us to the next one, which began with the vocal line showing what they are made off. 

‘Sorry, Heart’ opened this part of the gig and Renjun, Haechan and Chenle, really said MICS ON for this single. We already knew the incredible vocalists they were, but with this song they went beyond all our expectations. 

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L.

The rest of the members joined them for the next single ‘Puzzle Piece’ and we got our little soft moment of the concert with this song.

‘Chewing Gum’ (short version) was next, bringing a massive throwback and also a bit of nostalgia, after seeing how much they have grown since this era. ‘ANL’, ‘Dive Into You’ and ‘Irreplaceable’ followed up and for the last single Czennies had a surprise for NCT Dream.

As ‘Irreplaceable’ played off, NCT Dream was welcomed with the rainbow project where the seated sections of the arena formed a rainbow with each section having an assigned colour and the standing section showing the members white hearts. This full moment was beyond wholesome, and quoting what Mark said, Berlin indeed looked beautiful that night. 

Getting groovy

A VCR showing the member singing ‘Drive’, came up next, and kicked off the next section of the concert starting with the rap-line including Mark, Jeno, Jisung and Jaemin performing ‘Saturday Drip’ and the fans going beyond wild with this stage, their rapping really went off for this song, one of the finest performances ever.

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L.

Haechan, Renjun and Chenle, joined them for ‘Quiet Down’, and Czennies went wild with the performance in the glass boxes. They really showed some smooth moves with this performance and I am sure the fans loved it.

‘Better Than Gold’ a personal favourite came up next, with the dreamies having an amazing time while performing this single, and even adding Kai’s choreography for ‘Rover’ into their performances. This single is amazing, and its live performance is even better, the groove rocked on this stage and the members delivered. 

The last three singles for this section were ‘Diggity’, ‘Ridin’’ and a short version of ‘Boom’, and left the fans hyped up and ready for more. 

A new VCR let us know a new section was coming, and this one was to sing along and jump to. ‘Hello Future’, ‘We Go Up’, ‘Trigger the Fever’ and ‘Hot Sauce’ were included in this set and for this part we got impressive dance breaks, and wholesome interactions of the member with the fans. 


The last part of this gig started in a very special way. Instead of showing a new VCR, fans got to read other fellow Czennies posters and messages to the members while ‘Rainbow’ played in the background. In this part we all laughed with the amazing, cute and also hilarious messages dedicated to NCT Dream. Definitely a moment to remember. 

The encore started with Mark beatboxing, and ‘Beatbox’ playing next, after this song ended, the members went on with their end-mets, thanking NCTzens for the unforgettable night. The last two singles were ‘My Youth’ and ‘Walk You Home’. For these two, the members got plenty of teddys and presents thrown on stage from the fans..

This concert couldn’t end without ‘Candy’ playing, Mark, Jeno, Jisung, Chenle, Renjun, Haechan and Jaemin, came back to perform this very catchy song, and on their way out we got the last goodbyes, Mark stealing Haechan’s goodbye line, he getting revenge by taking Mark’s “YO DREAM”, pure chaos and a lot of wholesomeness. 

NCT Dream put off an incredible show ‘The Dream Show 2’ was incredible in every second of it, and I am sure all of us Czennies will remember it for a very long time. 

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