Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

NCT’s Mark comes back with ‘Golden Hour’

NCT Mark is back with his second solo single ‘Golden Hour‘, and he is going with this one.

Golden Hour‘ shows a Mark we have never seen before, with a sick electric guitar, and an incredible mix of beats, this song plays off with some smooth transitions between section, incredible mixing, and awesome rapping. The falsettos for the bridge were very surprising but definitely made us remember that Mark Lee is an ACE.

The music video as the song ROCKS IT, the grunge vibes meeting peak and clean aesthetics are amazing, and all the references to the scramble egg joke that started all of this are funny but also cool. This MV is stunning, and the graphics super sick. Watch it below.

What started as a Twitter joke has become a full legendary moment in Mark’s career, ‘Golden Hour‘ left us absolutely speechless and it is definitely a contrast to his debut solo single ‘Child‘.

Listen to this single here.

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