Summer 2023 – Make-up Trends

We are in the middle of summer, and we have spotted some hot trends in Korean beauty we would like to share. This season is all about natural looks, minimal make-up and a sun-kissed effect that leaves the skin glowy.

Glowy blush

One of the latest trends is all about keeping that natural blush on the cheeks. This trend got even stronger with KPOP idols rocking the look, it definitely gives that sun-kissed and natural finish effect. 

NewJeans’ members, TWICE’s NAYEON and BlackPink’s Jennie, are just a few of the idols rocking this trend.


With the summer, also the festival season started, but this year is all about shimmery colours and adding a subtle spark to the eyes. This trend is super pretty, and so far we are loving all the looks. 

Glossy Lips

Every year the glossy lips have a comeback for that lip plump effect, that gives that extra hydrated vibe to the face, this trend has changed over time, and this year is all about that red-ish, cherry vibe, with shades of red to add that pop of colour to the face. 

We are absolutely loving how this trend looks, fresh and captivating. 

Tell us what is your favourite Summer Trend in the comments below.