YENA is bold in ‘HATE XX’

The lovely YENA is back with her second single album ‘HATE XX‘, a couple of weeks ago she surprised us with the pre-release single ‘WICKED LOVE‘, and she showed a YENA we have never seen before. Let’s check the rest of the singles.

BAD HOBBY‘ is the first single in this release, we get slightly auto-tuned vocals and a very interesting sound new to her discography. The title track ‘Hate Rodrigo‘ featuring (G)I-dle’s YUQI comes along and brings a punk-rock side of YENA with an early 2000s touch. For the music video we get full rock-on visuals, and cool shots and dance sequences, the effects are very dope and the little picture of baby YENA, absolutely adorable. Watch it below.

The last single is ‘WICKED LOVE‘ wrapping up this single album with a rather dark concept and smooth vocals. The sound in this song is powerful, the deep bass and the layering add a mystic vibe that is rather addictive to listen to.

YENA has grown musically and this single album diversified her discography even more. Listen to this release here.

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