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[Review] Han Seung Woo – FRAME

Seungwoo is back with new music in his third mini-album ‘FRAME‘. It has been a while since his last release, and he is back to show his growth as an artist with this new EP.

This release is made up stories and message in every single single. And we are excited to listen to what he wants to share with the fans. Let’s listen to the music.


Intro‘ begins this release on a sexy and smooth note. Seungwoo delivers in this song, his singing as usual is fantastic but his sharp rapping was an amazing and surprising twist that elevated this single.

The title track ‘Dive Into‘ takes over with a summery R&B composition and a breathy singing for a chill and vibey feel. For the music video he goes urban, dark and sexy, in cool shots with a lot of focus in lyrics delivery and his facial expressions. The dance sequences are the cherry on top. Watch it below.

Runnin’ High‘ speeds things up with a rock inspire track and EDM. There is a bit of angst in this single and the changes of speed between his singing and rapping are very interesting to listen to.

Electric guitar begins ‘Burn‘ and this single goes the punk-rock and pop way, this sound fits Seungwoo flawlessly, and the angstiness this time gets real. A 11 out of 10.

In ‘Lovelorn‘ we get sentimental in a pop-rock composition and killer singing. This song feels very muck like early 2000s, and we will always love a good drum and electric guitar solo. ‘Flutter‘ follows up with lovely acoustics and emotional singing, the bridge in this single is beautiful, the jazzy touched added was charming and very elegant.

Closing off this mini-album we get ‘Dawn‘ and acoustics that melt hearts with it softness and delicate sound. This single is a delightful listen, raw, honest and heartfelt, the cherry on top!

Listen to this mini-album here.

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