[WebToon] Marionetta

Today we’re featuring the brand new Webtoon series ‘Marionetta‘ by Miriam Bonastre Tur. If that name rings a bell, it’s because she’s the amazing creator behind ‘Hooky‘, one of our all-time favourite series.

A mysterious circus. A missing friend. A dangerous deal. Join the circus and find out what happens in this fantasy adventure.


Julia Lazarrett is happy with her honest, predictable life. No surprises, no danger. But when her best friend Kamille convinces her to visit a travelling circus, they both get far more than they bargained for. Thrust into a world full of secrets, magic, and death, Julia finds herself presented with the most horrific of deals in order to survive and rescue her friend. Although Kamille herself seems to lack the self-awareness to realise the danger than surrounds them.

The verdict

We’re barely 20 episodes in and ‘Marionetta‘ is already proving itself to be a masterfully weaved and gripping tale. Julia and Kamille both make for compelling heroines, in their naivety and imperfection. The colorful, literally and figuratively, cast of characters surrounding them in the circus is fascinating. The mystery surrounding each of them draws you in and makes you want to uncover all their dark secrets.

The art is colorful and gorgeous, in Tur’s signature old-style comic book meets manga style. As expected, it does not disappoint in the least.

I’m looking forward to following this magical tale to the end, and I would recommend this series to anyone who’s even a little intrigued by the premise.

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