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This week’s Top 3 is full of girl power and killing rapping. Let’s start. 

Number 1: Changmo –  Swoosh Flow

Changmo’s latest EP was unbelievable and one of the finest releases of this year. ‘Swoosh Flow’ goes hard and I seriously love every minute of it. Hip Hop at its best. Enjoy.

Number 2: Hyo – Dessert (feat. Soyeon and Loopy) 

‘Dessert’ is an absolute bop, and I can guarantee that anyone who listens to this song will have its very catchy chorus stuck in their head for a while. This powerful trio made one incredible summer hit. 

Number 3: EXID – ME&YOU

I’m bringing this 2019 release back just because I love it and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for this group. EXID is legendary and I hope the members will come back soon as a group, probably under a different name as they all left their original company but the talent will remain intact.  

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more amazing music recommendations. To listen to our previous music picks make sure to check out our Spotify here.

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