K-pop Releases This Week

There are going to be some fun things happening this week. New music will be released, maybe there will be a new exhibit. We’ve collected a couple of things that we are looking forward to this week. 

(G)I-dle is releasing a Japanese EP on the 31st. Latata and Maze will be Japanese versions of the original Korean songs, but we also get two whole new songs. Minnie, one of the members wrote one of those two. The song ‘To You’ is about wanting to say something to a person who has left your life, even if it’s only in your dream. We might be needing tissues with that one.

Girl groups are going strong this week. 

Itzy is having their first comeback since ‘Dalla Dalla’. They’ll drop their new music video on the 29th, so get ready because from the teasers alone it looks really cool. On the same day they’re also going to release their first album.

Got7 is releasing their Japanese EP on 31 July. They’ve already release the MV for ‘Love Loop’ which has the same name as the EP. Though sadly, one of the members, Jackson is not part of the Japanese comebacks due to an overloaded schedule. 

Also something I’m really looking forward to is the new single P.O from Block B and Mino from Winner are releasing on 30 July. They’re both amazing rappers, so I’m sure this song ‘Tony Lip’ is going to be fire.

Lastly, I wanna put it out there that Tiffany Young, glorious lady that she is, is releasing a new song called ‘Magnetic Moon’ which she is premiering at the Open Hearts Eve concert in Seoul. I’m just casually putting a reminder for that in my phone, so that I can listen to it as soon as it comes out. 

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.