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THE8 Sings for an Animated Movie for Kids..?

Go on an Adventure with THE8!

THE8 from SEVENTEEN has participated in the opening song of <Save the Black Forest! Birdy Friends>. It surprised the CARATs since it’s his first time participating in OST as a soloist. – and also that it is a CUTE(!!) soundtrack of an animated movie for kids.

?One of the fans said : ‘If I were a toddler, I’d twerk to this song’

‘Fly! Birdy Friends’ is released in both Korean and Chinese versions. The mysterious sound and birdsongs on the intro reminds you of the thick forest. This energetic song is filled with confident and courageous lyrics.

‘BIRDY FRIENDS’ is an ‘edutainment’ animation that carries various information and issues about the environment.

⬆️ SE7EN, Na Taeju, J.YOU, Kim Soyul, Kim Tae Woo – We are Birdy Friends

Song Wonsub – Snowing – Another essential winter song

Mingginyu – your cold hand – “Your hands are cold but I know it’s not inside.”

The Bowls – RADIOSTAR – “Radiostar, bring us something new!”

Deogi408 – Half Awake – Use this song as your alarm

Yumewanaii‘s reel has gone viral this winter, by her cute facial expressions and the catchy hook. And the song is finally out now!! ‘Geumcheon-gu Doksan-ro’ is the actual address of her studio.

After releasing ‘Geumcheon-gu Doksan-ro’, she was chosen as the cover artist of Spotify ‘TrenChill K-Hip Hop’ playlist.

Yumewanaii appeared on several audition shows, including Mnet <SHOW ME THE MONEY> 10&11 and <Drop The Bit>. She made her name especially on <Drop The Bit>, getting praised by the judges and ended up taking 4th place.

Yumewanaii has made a debut on 2019 and released (or participated in) 22 singles and albums. She has collaborated with various artists like Skinny Brown and Han Yo Han

 Yumewanaii’s stages on <Drop The Bit>