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Artist Diary: Iris Kymm

Jan 20th Saturday

Hello, it’s me!

I just wanted to share a little bit of my day with you guys.

I woke up at 11am because we had our last practice at 2pm.

I was sort of sleep deprived 😪 and feeling sick 😷 so I decided to take it easy.

Wore my outfit for the show (in case of emergency such as tripping over my heels 👠, spraining ankles, etc.. I always try to do dry rehearsal on the day of the show)- didn’t wear makeup just yet because.. you know. I wanted to look fresh and nice for the show :3

Guitarist/leader Phil came to pick me up and we headed straight to our drummer Tim’s. Tim’s basement is where we usually jam/practice. He renovated a while ago so it’s nice with PA, mixers, amps, even a couch!🛋️

Phil was feeling extra nervous but I knew he was gonna kill it on the stage as usual.

We ran through our set and were done around 4pm. Phil and our bassist Matt changed strings and we left to go rest before the show.

For me that’s usually when everything starts.

I got back home and started getting ready. Hair- straightened, makeup on 💄..

I wear press on nails 💅🏻 for live shows but i usually save the process for last. (many people know a part of my performance is flying fake nails 😆)

We got there a little early. We were the 2nd band of the night so we didn’t have rehearsal or soundcheck scheduled. But I wanted to make this viral instagram reels video. Dylan filmed for me and edited and this is what it looks like.

pretty cool. right?


like i mentioned earlier, I wasn’t feeling well and it got worse after the practice.🤒

I tried not to scream much but with my friends and fans showing up… and this being the comeback show for us, Tiny Monsters… I screamed a lot XD

When it was our turn, my voice was gone and it gets worse. I couldn’t hear myself.

I let Mary, the sound engineer, know that monitor speaker doesn’t really work and she tried to help but I felt like it wasn’t getting any better so I just started.

Note to self:

tech stuff is also a part of being professional. know your comfortable settings and take plenty of time to get that right for the crowd. don’t start because you feel rushed or pressured. start only when you know you can deliver the show the crowd came for.

It turned out to be a sold out show.

Crowd was super supportive and we got so many compliments but I gave myself D-.

felt like I’m just so used to doing soft singing (I only sang soft songs for 7 months in Korea) so jumping straight back to this was a bit hard- I enjoyed as usual but noted that I have a lot to work on.

It’ll be a fun year.

See you soon diary! <3

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