[Review] YOUNITE – BIT Part 1

The boys from YOUNITE are back with their latest mini-album ‘BIT Part. 1’. Let’s dive right in to hear more!

BIT Part.1

We start off with the track ‘ICY’. This really sets off the tone right. We’re going hard with an intense instrumentation and a catchy hook. This makes me want to go for a drive with all the windows down and this track on full blast. The bridge is really lovely.

‘WATERFALL’ is the title track. We’re going summer pop with some very spacey synths. The chorus will have you vibe in no time. I really like how retro this feels, from the cassette tapes and the thickest (and fakest) laptop I’ve seen in a while. This is a lot of fun, I like it!

After that we get ‘LOOK AT THE TV’. This is an R&B pop track with a smooth vibe and a charming melody. This is very wholesome and the focus is more on the vocals. It’s really nice.

Next up  is ‘TRIP’. This one is an electro-pop dance song with a lot of heart and hopeful lyrics.

The closing track is ‘SLOGAN’ and was written by members Eunho, Eunsang and Dey.

Overall ‘BIT Part 1’ by YOUNITE is a really fun mini-album perfect for the transition into summer. I really enjoyed this release.

Go listen to it here.

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