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The girlies from YOUNG POSSE are back with their new mini-album ‘XXL’. Let’s take a closer look because these girls have made an impact from their very debut!


We start off with the very synthy ‘Scars‘. The lyrics were co-written by members Jeong Sunhye, Wi Yeonjung and Jiana. Usually I’m not a huge fan of autotune but it is done in a fun way and creates this very psychedelic effect which is very cool.

Next up is the title track ‘XXL’. This song SLAPS. It’s so much fun, has a hella catchy hook and a lot of old hip-hop style. This is such a great track!

Also the music video is literally insane. It’s a really fun watch!

‘DND’ is up next and has a feature by BM from KARD. DND stands for ‘Do not disturb’ and is a reference to the door cards you get hotel rooms. This is such a vibe. I love that it has more vocal focus and a very summery instrumental. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to become a summer hit.

After that we get ‘ROTY’ and all of the five members are listed as lyricists for this one. The members are introducing themselves, verse by verse to a boom bap beat to go back to the Hip Hop roots. In the album description the members wrote that they started writing this track as a fun way to spend time during their time as trainees.

We close off the mini with ‘Skyline’. This was written and composed by rapper Yella D and brings back the Jersey Club genre. This feels clean and fresh and I love the instrumentals! This is super catchy and will leave you wanting more. The piano riff is delightful!

Go ahead and check out ‘XXL’ by YOUNG POSSE on Spotify here.

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