Rookie group Xikers is back with new music. Just four months after their debut they are coming back with the mini-album ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : HOW TO PLAY‘. This is the second instalment in the ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY’ era, and we are curious to see how it compares with their debut one.

Xikers definitely started off strong in the industry, let’s check the music and what they have prepared.


Skater‘ kicks off this mini-album with a touch of autotune, awesome singing, dope rapping, and a lot of energy. This full single is powerful and carefree. Next up we are in for a surprise with ‘HOMEBOY‘ and his unique feel. The arrangement in this song is one of a kind, and definitely stands out for being consistent but at the same time unique in every section of the track. Definitely a very interesting listen with amazing vibe and power.

The title track ‘DO or DIE‘ comes up next to show off xikers’ unique approach to music with a rock-based track and a very unique vocal and rap delivery. The speed, tempo and delivery in this track are fantastic, they went off and delivered a total bop. The music video as the song takes fans by surprise with zombies, a tight performance, and a lot of interesting shot. Watch it below.

The single ‘Koong‘ was released a few days ago, and this track goes off with dope hip-hop beats and a fire verse delivery. This single is pure energy and power, and the rap line SHINES with this track. PURE POWER. Watch the performance video below.

With an EDM twist and fresh summer vibes ‘Run‘ plays next with show singing and a lot of harmonies that feel sweet, calm and cute. This full single is a super light listen, and ads a great contrast to the previous one.

Last in this mini-album is ‘Sunny Side‘ playing off with some elements of old-school hip-hop and EDM beats. This single is balanced, and I liked how the vocals vs the rapping felt at the right level, and complemented. Definitely a great end for this mini-album.

Xiker keeps delivering great music with a unique vibe, keep an eye on them, we are sure we will hear even more from them. Listen to this release here.