Photo Credits: Woollim Ent.

KWON EUN BI is refreshing and fun in ‘The Flash’

KWON EUN BI is back with new music. This time she is releasing her first single album ‘The Flash’ including three new singles and her refreshing charm. Form the previews we can say that we are expecting bops, with ethereal visuals and a cool style.

This single releases starts with the title track ‘The Flash‘ and its up-tempo rhythm including synth and an amazing beat build up. Her vocal play in this single is super cool, we get a bit of breathiness, mixed with delicate tones and powerful notes. The music video for this single is basically a performance video. The choreography is eye-catching, clean and pleasing to watch, on top of incredible dancing when also see EUN BI shining with her facial expressions and amazing delivery. Watch in below.

Comet‘ comes up next with an electro-pop vibes, this single is a super refreshing listen, with a very summery arrangement and beat drops. The vocals layering is super cool and the full song is catchy and cool to listen to.

Starting with electric guitar instrumentation ‘Beautiful Night‘ is last and adds a touch of angst to this release with its instrumentation. This track still keeps it fresh and light with pretty harmonies and playfulness.

KWON EUN BI’s first single album is a very refreshing listen, very summery but with an unique twist. Listen to this release here.

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