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[Review] Xdinary Heroes – Deadlock

The boys from Xdinary Heroes are back with their new mini-album ‘Deadlock’. Let’s take a closer look, because I’m super stoked.


The opening track is ‘Come into my head’. This is such a fun opener! The screamo inspired elements with the sick guitar warp effect is such a moment! What a vibe!

The boys are up to no good in ‘Freakin’ Bad’. We get an 808 bass and a super beat. The epic piano solo is honestly iconic. This track is honestly super fun and catchy as hell.

‘Bicycle’ is up next. This is an alternative rock track with such a cool rhythm to it. The flow feels very new and fresh for Xdinary Heroes. I dig this a lot.

We’re starting with some major groove in ‘Checkmate’. The instrumentation feels a bit more toned down in certain places, though there’s a very cool soundscape they created. I think the magic is in the layering in this one.

Next up

‘Good Enough’ is coming for your emotions. The harmonies, the softer guitar and the flow of the track will literally have you in tears. The falsetto is insane and really brings out the fragility of the track. The bridge is next level.

Prepare to have some emotional whisplash with the following track ‘Man in the box’. The transition is so cool though. The intro feels very fresh. They’re bringing the groove back with the sickest bass in existence. Some of the soundbits are hilarious. The song is about a person who’s stuck in the box and slowly turns into a monster.

We close off with the single ‘Dear H.’. We’re getting a pop ballad with a very warm tone. I love the transitions between the heavy guitars and the piano sections. It’s done really well and will keep you on your toes.

Overall, Xdinary Heroes did it again with ‘Deadlock’. Their music continues to innovate. I’m super happy with this album.

Go listen to it here.

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