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[Review] EPEX – Growing Pains

The boys from EPEX are back with their new mini ‘Growing Pains’. This is part of their ‘Prelude of Love’ series and is chapter 2.

Let’s take a closer look!

Growing Pains

We start off with the track ‘My Darling’. This is some major cuteness. The track describes buying the first anniversary gift for your partner. It’s utterly adorable. The hook is very catchy and I’m loving this. It’s just so happy.

‘Sunshower’ is up next. The boys are bringing some major groove in this one. The chorus really wasn’t going where I was expecting vocally. They’re doing some really fun things with their vocals. I dig it! The rap verse also took me out of left field. Honestly, this song is surprise after surprise. I love it!

We’re getting a throwback to the 90s with ‘Goodbye, My First Love’. This is a soft pop track with a smooth rhythm and lovely vocal work in the chorus. The synths are great and overall this is a lovely listen.

The closing track is ‘SKYLINE’. This is a cool blend of modern rock with a Hip-Hop beat. The layering is very nicely done. What a very hopeful track! I like it!

Overall ‘Growing Pains’ by EPEX is a very cool EP with great songs. You can find it here on Spotify.

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