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WOODZ is back to bless us with brand new music and we have been looking forward to this comeback. Its MELON description states that ‘ONLY LOVERS LEFT‘ is a production expressing the stages of love through its six tracks and a double title track.

We are really curious about the take WOODZ had for this concept, let’s dive into this release.


We start off with lo-fi tunes and an acoustic guitar in ‘Multiply‘. Woodz singing takes over this single using the orchestration as a complement, and I am in love with the sound and full vibe of this track. The ad-libs are fantastic and it is a great start for this EP.

Thinkin bout you‘ comes along with dope falsettos, and becomes a really cool EDM/Pop single with a groovy tempo and a summer release vibe.

With a playful tempo and a kinda retro rhythm we get ‘Sour Candy‘. WOODZ kills in this release with dynamic changes in vocal tones and his rapping. The only thing left to say about this fantastic track is that it felt too short but it sure was incredible.

The first title track of this release is ‘Kiss of fire‘, this single mixes EDM and Pop with a very cool bass that makes it a full experience. I really liked the sound and style of this track.

An electric guitar comes along in ‘Chaser‘ and I loved this pop/rock-ish blend in this single. The bridge is really good and the ad-libs smooth.

The last single is the second title track ‘WAITING‘. The instrumentation in this track is incredible, the mixing and layering are out of this world. It keeps the song flowing flawlessly and surprises listeners with every change of tempo. Needless to say, WOODZ does a marvelous job with the lyrical delivery and make this single a piece of art.

The music video video has stunning cinematic elements of a thriller film, I was very surprised by the spot on acting and the heavy emotional load in this MV. Watch it below.

WOODZ once again killed it with this release, he delivered a solid EP full of amazing music. You can listen to ‘ONLY LOVERS LEFThere.

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