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[Review] ASTRO – All Yours

ASTRO just dropped their second full-length album. AROHA was looking forward to this release, so, let’s dive into the music and see what surprises ASTRO is bringing in this release.

All Yours

Dear my universe‘ begins this album and we already get some soft-pop vibes and dreamy vocals. In its MELON description this track is described as a “message to the fans”, wholesome content.

Electronic beats with a futuristic vibe are next in ‘Butterfly Effect‘. The vocals in this song are incredible, ASTRO members really went off with their his notes in this track.

The title track ‘ONE‘ plays next, this dance track is a hype song perfect for hitting the dance floor. ASTRO’s Jinjin and Rocky killed it with their rap delivery. The music video is packed with stunning visuals and a killer choreography. The lighting and sets are amazing and the concept super cool.

Co-written by PENOMECO, the track ‘Someone Else‘ plays next. This song introduces the new sub-unit consisting of MJ, Jinjin, and Moonbin. The bass and hip-hop beats in this song are super cool and fresh, and I really liked the chill vibe of it and how well the members delivered the lyrics in this song.

SNS‘ comes next and we get another sub-unit with Cha Eun-woo, Rocky, and Sanha. With an R&B feel in its composition this track is a very chill listen that gets better with the members’ sweet vocals.


A cheerful whistling and an up-beat tempo come next in ‘All Good‘, this is a feel-good track with an uplifting feel to it that made me feel extra happy listening to it. What makes it better is that Jinjin participated in the writing and composition of this song.

We continue the happy note with ‘All Stars‘, as its predecessors, this track is all about feeling happy. It’s the perfect summer release.

Co-written and co-composed by Rocky, ‘Our Spring‘ plays next with a mid-tempo electronic track, bass and guitar instrumentation. In this song, the members really went off with the lyrical delivery, it is kinda emotional in a very unique way.

Piano acoustics begin ‘Stardust‘, this ballad is all about emotions and feelings with sweet vocals and stunning instrumentation. The vocalization in this song is just stunning, the members did an amazing job.

The ballad ‘gemini‘ comes last in this release and is all about beautiful vocals and breathtaking instrumentation. This track was the perfect end for this release, it definitely leaves listeners with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Final thoughts

ASTRO killed it with this new album. The songs are a musical trip that take listeners to different moods. Make sure to listen to it here.

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