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[Review] WEi – IDENTITY : Challenge

The boys from WEi are back with their new mini-album ‘IDENTITY : Challenge’. Let’s dive right in! If you want to read about their previous release, you can click here.

IDENTITY : Challenge

We start off with the title track ‘All Or Nothing’ that was produced by WEi member Jang Dae Hyeon. This song hits hard y’all. In the album description they described it as ‘hybrid-trap’ with a dash of oriental mixed in and I can see why they described it as such. It’s dope.

‘Breathing’ follows that with a softer vibe. The track is meant as comfort for anyone who’s wandering in the dark. I love the spacey synths. Their vocals are soft and strong at the same time. I love this track so much. 

Next up is the track ‘Dancing In The Dark’ which brings us back to Hype town though with a decidedly more R&B fused with EDM vibe. The rapline did fantastic in this one. The bridge is fire!

‘Diffuser’ is the fourth track on the EP. Kim Junseo co-wrote this, which we love to see. This is cute. The R&B pop vibe fits the theme of this one so well. They’re comparing love to an aroma that can spread with a diffuser. 

The last track is the ballad ‘Winter, Flower’. It’s a beautiful ballad that really lets their wonderful vocals take the spotlight. There’s a stunning piano line and I’d love to hear this live, especially the moment the harmonies come in.

Go ahead and check out the EP ‘IDENTITY : Challenge’ by WEi on Spotify here

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