Photo credits: Big planet made


The ladies from VIVIZ are back with their new mini-album ‘VERSUS’. We’re stoked to hear killer vocals so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with their title track ‘MANIAC’. We’re going for a pop dance style with a killer bass. I loved that slight rock twinge because of the bass guitar. It’s awesome and is really well produced.

We’re staying with the pop dance vibe with ‘UNTIE’ but the opening had me shook. This is a club banger if I ever heard one. I need vogueing and waacking to this track. Literally I love this song so much. The charisma, the power, the vocals, everything is on point.

‘OVERFLOW’ brings us a more R&B style track. The chorus is awesome and I love the little sound bits in the instrumentals. This is just so incredibly smooth!

Next up is ‘DAY BY DAY’. We’re going for a bit of a throwback with this 90s style pop track. This is soft and delightful and such a nice listen.

‘UP2ME’ is the closing track of the mini. This is a retro pop track with nice synths and a very catchy hook. It’s adorable.

Overall ‘VERSUS’ by VIVIZ was an absolutely lovely listen. Go check it out here on Spotify.

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