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Golden Child is Nostalgic in ‘Feel Me’

Golden Child has made their much-anticipated return with their latest Korean comeback, and this time, they’re back as OT9 for this release.

The title track, ‘Feel Me,’ sets the tone for the entire release with its nostalgic rock vibe, which immediately strikes a chord with listeners. The vocal performance in this song is both heartfelt and sentimental, making it a truly stunning piece to experience. The electric guitar and drums drive the song with a sense of intensity that complements the emotional rollercoaster created by the members.

The accompanying music video takes viewers on a journey through nostalgia, presenting unique storylines for each of the members. Their acting and expressions are top-notch, contributing significantly to the emotional depth of the video. The camera work and color scheme chosen for the production add an extra layer of feeling to this single, creating a captivating and immersive experience.. Watch it below.

‘Blind Love’ follows up with a dreamy synth line and a vibrant tempo. This track incorporates elements of EDM and features an electric guitar that contributes to its fantastic arrangement. The vocal harmonies during the chorus and the high note in the bridge are absolutely flawless.

Closing this impressive release is the single ‘Dear,’ which introduces a Brit-Pop touch to the mix. With its smooth lyrical delivery and tempo, this song carries a lot of emotional weight. The members pour their hearts into the performance, and the result is just beautiful.

Golden Child’s “Feel Me” lives up to its name, offering a selection of singles that are emotionally charged and set to cool and beautiful music. Listen to this release here.

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