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TWS is back with a new mini-album ready to refreshen fans in this summer season. ‘SUMMER BEAT!‘ is the name of this production and includes six new singles along including the pre-released song ‘Hey! Hey!’.

This monster rookie group under Pledis Entertainment took the music charts by storm with their debut release, and the expectations are set high for this high awaited comeback. Let’s explore what TWS has in store for us!


The album kicks off with ‘YOU+ME=7942,’ a track that immediately captures your attention with its playful instrumentals and upbeat tempo. The perfect blend of vocals and rap keeps listeners engaged, creating a fun and laid-back vibe that sets the tone for the entire album. It’s an energetic start that promises a refreshing musical experience.

The title track, ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?,’ brings a touch of whimsy with its OST-inspired melody and beautiful progression. This dreamy and fun song is filled with charming surprises that captivate from the first note. The accompanying music video enhances the track’s youthful and cute vibes with a high-school theme, soft colors, and joyful sequences. It’s a visual treat that perfectly complements the song’s enchanting sound.

Watch the music video for ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ below:

Hey! Hey!’ follows with a dynamic rock-based guitar sound combined with an impressive mix of EDM and fast-paced instrumentals. The background vocals and chanting add an exhilarating energy, making the entire track feel like a powerful shot of adrenaline. This pre-release set the stage for the explosive energy found throughout ‘SUMMER BEAT!’

Experience the energy of ‘Hey! Hey!’ here:

Double Take’ stands out with its funky bassline and groovy vocal delivery. The addition of a vibey rap-line and old-school hip-hop beats creates a listening experience that’s both nostalgic and fresh. This track is a rollercoaster of sounds that keeps you hooked, making it a standout b-side on the album.

Taking a more mellow approach, ‘Keep On’ delivers a synth-pop sound filled with beautiful harmonies and heartfelt vocals. This track is light-hearted and effortlessly charming, evoking a sense of nostalgia that’s perfect for those easy summer days.

Fire Confetti’ closes the album with a bang. Featuring a trendy beat mix, excellent sectioning, and top-tier ad-libs and vocals, this song rounds off ‘SUMMER BEAT!’ perfectly. The catchy hook and vibrant energy make it a memorable conclusion to an already impressive release.

TWS’ ‘SUMMER BEAT!’ is a must-listen for anyone looking for a diverse and refreshing summer soundtrack. The album is a delightful mix of genres and sounds that showcases the group’s versatility and talent. Don’t miss out on this fantastic release—check it out now!

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