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[Review] Romantic Debtors

We’re going back to 2010 for the next film ‘Romantic Debtors’. Let’s take a closer look!

Romantic Debtors

This film was directed by Shin Geun-Ho and written by Shin Geun-Ho, Choi Jin-Won and Son Geun-Joo.

In this wacky romcom we follow our two main leads. The female lead Kim Mu-Ryeong (portrayed by Uhm Ji-Won) is a debt collector and is hounding our male lead Bang Keuk-Hyun, played by Im Chang-Jung. Bang is a homicide detective and acted as a guarantor for someone who fled and pushed his debt onto Bang.

Kim Mu-Ryeong always calls Bang on his phone during the most critical moments during his cases which drives him crazy. He curses her out and the two really don’t get along.

However, when they meet in real life, without knowing who they are yet, sparks fly.


This is an adorable, fun and funny movie! There’s a surprising warmth to the movie which gives it an extra depth.

If you’re in need of a good romcom, definitely check this one out!

Watch the trailer below.

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