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TREASURE is finally back with their second mini-album ‘THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER TWO‘. Earlier this year they absolutely killed it in the charts with the first part of this era, and we cannot wait to see what the prepare for this release. Treasure Makers are even getting a couple of sub-units for this release. We are very excited, let’s get right into the music.


Kicking things off is the title track ‘HELLO‘, with heavy euro-pop vibes. This single is a total anthem with a rock-punk touch. It is full of energy and TREASURE power, the beats drops, arrangement, vocals and rapping are super dope, and I loved just how fun, cool and refreshing this single is.

For the music video as expected we get visuals from every angle. The sets, colour palettes, and concept are very dope, and I found adorable how they show the word ‘Hello’ in every language. Massive shot-out to the styling team and their picks for YOSHI’s skirt moment. Watch it below.

The first sub-unit including Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi and Haruto kicks offs, with a rock and hip-hop mix that genuinely sound like early YG but with a heavy metal touch, ‘VolKno‘ was a total surprise, but it worked amazingly and expanded the musical identity of TREASURE. This sub-unit absolutely rocks and I am here for it.

CLAP!‘ moves thing along with a catchy melody and an amazing mix of reggae. This single is a total vibe and it flows smoothly. The changes of tempo, style and sound were done flawlessly, and it just a super cool listen.

The next sub-unit includes ASAHI and HARUTO, and brings anime OST feels. ‘THANK YOU‘ is a lovely pop single with a wonderful instrumentation and unexpected but awesomely done change of tempos. This single is rather comforting, and the vocals and rapping are fantastic.

Closing this mini-album is the single ‘HOLD IT IN‘, with a pop-ballad, R&B and dance music mix. Listening to this track is a total trip, you can get into the feels with its charming piano instrumentation, and then hype up with the EDM beats popping off. Emotional whiplash in a bit over three minutes, but definitely a legendary way to end this release.

TREASURE did it again, and deliver an awesome and very well-done EP. Listen to this release here, and make sure to check our review for the first part of this era here.

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