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AB6IX is back with their 6th mini-album ‘TAKE A CHANCE‘. This group has had a busy 2022, between tours, promos for their last four comebacks, and creating new music. They are always expanding the sound, style, and releasing cool music, and we are curious to see how they will surprise us this time.

Let’s start.


With a hybrid of synth and hip-hop beats, ‘Paranoia‘ begins this EP. The harmonisations and rapping in this track are super cool. They distorted certain sections in this track and that gave the song an edgier sound that I totally dig. The progression to the bridge is a vibe, and the singing super intense. What an opener!

We move onto the title track ‘Sugarcoat‘ and its groovy feel. The falsettos in the chorus are flawless, and the vocals in this song are next level. I really loved how well they used their vocal power to make this song diverse, fun and addictive. To make things even better, the music video takes the vibes of this single to the next level, with super colourful visual, peak aesthetics and sexy and cool performance. Check it below.

The alternative pop track ‘Weightless‘ follows that up. As the previous singles AB6IX added a more experimental sound to this single, the arrangement in this track is a super interesting, and makes this song a unique listening experience.

Complicated‘ brings a lovely R&B and pop mix, co-produced by MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, this single has a very sophisticated and sexy sound. The contrast of the singing and the rapping is unique and fresh, and its flow super smooth. ‘Resonance‘ takes over with a dope arrangement, this single is a total rollercoaster, and the electro hip-hop beats a total vibe.

Amazing use of silences and a fantastic layering follow up in ‘Crow‘. The sensuality of this single is insane, its R&B feel absolute perfection, and the vocals and rapping absolutely out of this world. This song is definitely on my top three favourite b-sides by AB6IX, absolutely flawless.

Closing this EP, we get the Korean version of the single ‘CHANCE‘, ending it on a bright and fun note.

AB6IX released a solid EP, with an amazing mix of genres, and an immaculate vibe. Make sure to listen to this non-skip release here.

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