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[Review] TO1 – UP2U

The boys from TO1 are back with their mini-album ‘UP2U’. In their previous mini they asked the question ‘Why not?’ and this time they’re telling us that your future is completely ‘up2u’.


We start off with the track ‘Troublemaker’. This is giving 90s hip-hop meets electric guitar. It’s a vibe and honestly a really fun way to open the album. Also the ad-libs are insane, talk about vocal power.

Next up is the track ‘Freeze Tag’. This is the title track and comes with a brand new music video. The way they incorporate the pauzes with the concept of ‘freeze tag’ is super clever. This track is adorable and catchy. The rap verse is fire and the full thing seems really well thought out.

‘Rude Boi’ follows that with a funky love confession vibe. According to the album description this ‘rude boi’ will become a ‘good boi’ for the person they like, which is basically the plot of ‘Greese’. The song is connected to the title track ‘Freeze Tag’.

They really stepped up the retro vibe in ‘Retro !ove’. This is the prequel to ‘Freeze Tag’ and was produced by member Chan. I absolutely love the instrumentals in this one. They’re fun, well-layered and the groovy bass is insane!

The closing track is ‘Fill in’. This is super wholesome, happy and has some lovely energy to it. The harmonies are great and literally this song is a shot of serotonin. I love it!

Overall TO1 did a great job with ‘UP2U’. Go ahead and listen to it on Spotify here.

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Ilse Van Den Heede
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