Photo Credits: JYP Ent.

NMIXX welcomes the Christmas season with ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

Rookie 2022 NMIXX is back with a brand new single and this time they are bringing the Christmas season spirit in the single ‘Funky Glitter Christmas‘.

With the best NMIXX feel and sound, ‘Funky Glitter Christmas‘ shows off this rookies outstanding vocal power, in a single that mixes several genres in a very merry way. We get a bit of funk, jazz and plenty of instrumentals, that will have listeners jingle all the way.

With the music video, we also get a touch of festive visuals, but keeping the fun and youthful and fresh feel that NMIXX has shown since their debut. The member looked amazing and the energy in this production is PEAK! check it below.

Listen to this single here, and check NMIXX’s previous release here.

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