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[Review] The Interest of Love

Love sometimes comes at the wrong time, and during the wrong moment, but how do we fight with those feelings? In this week’s review we are talking about a drama that shares the story of two individuals who like each other, but met at the wrong time of their lives. Let’s talks about the JTBC drama ‘The Interest of Love’.

Based on the novel ‘Understanding of Love’ by Lee Hyuk-jin, written by Lee Seo-hyun and Lee Hyun-Jeong, and directed by Jo Young-min, ‘The Interest of Love’ shares the story of four young adults, their personal struggles and the view of love.

A moment of Hesitation

Ha Sang-soo (Yoon Yeon-seok) is a manager at KCU Bank, he wishes to have a normal and quiet life. At work he met Ahn Soo-young (Moon Ga-young), a young woman with a mysterious life. She is rather quiet and very diligent at work. 

Over time Sang-soo starts having a crush on Soo-young, and she notices with his gestures and actions, she returns his feelings and accepts his invitation to go on a dinner date. 

After struggling to finish work on time the day of their date, Sang-soo tries to make it, however, he had a moment of hesitation as to whether to go in or not. Soo-young sees him through the window of the restaurant, and decides to leave after seeing him having doubts. 

The next day back in the branch, he confronts her for leaving, however, she decides to give him the cold shoulder, and continue treating him just as a co-worker. 

The branch is also going through some changes when Park Mi-Kyung (Keum Sae-rok) joins the team. She soon develops a crush on Sang-soo, and shows her interest in him, however, he is not ready to like another person. 

Soo-young on her side is surprised when the branch’s security guard Jeong Jong-hyun (Jung Ga-ram) confesses he likes her. They both start growing closer as she grows even further apart from Hang-soo. 

From his side, Hang-soo also decides to try and move on by accepting Mi-Kyung feelings, and they soon become a perfect couple that everyone wishes to have a happy ending. However, his feelings towards Soo-young are not something he is able to shut down so easily. 

Understanding of Love

Soo-young and Hang-soo try to move on with their life and now their new love interests, however, their mutual attraction is something they have to fight against everyday at work and outside too. 

The Interest of Love’ follows the stories of these four individuals and their relationships, throughout this production they explore the feeling of doubt and guilt, while also dealing with family issues and work-related problems. 

This production is a rather slow-burn drama, however, viewers are able to understand the feelings and decisions of these characters. There is a lot of character building, we get to understand part of their past and the reasons behind their present. 

This production is currently available on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

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