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[Review] Samjin Company English Class

We’re back with a new film review and this time we’re writing about ‘Samjin Company English Class’. This movie has been on my to-watch list since I saw the trailer and I finally got around to it. 

‘Samjin Company English Class’ came out in 2020 and was written by Son Mi and directed by Lee Jong-Pil. 


Our story revolves around three co-workers and friends at Samjin Company in 1995. We follow them as they follow English classes to land a higher position, as the 1995 work sphere isn’t very kind to women. 

That’s not the only thing though. One of the girls, Lee Ja-Young discovers the company is leaking toxic waste in a river that is poisoning the locals. She tries her best to gather as much evidence as she can together with Jung Yoo-Na and Sim Bo-Ram. 

Lee Ja-Young is portrayed by Ko Ah-Sung who you might recognize from ‘The Host’ and ‘Snowpiercer’. She’s kind, tenacious and genuinely wants to do good. 

Jung Yoo-Na is played by Esom who we’ve dedicated an Actor Spotlight to. I really enjoyed her character. Jung is tenacious, comes up for herself and most importantly ‘loves herself’. 

Sim Bo-Ram is performed by Park Hye-Soo. You’ll have seen her in ‘Swing Kids’ alongside D.O. from EXO. Her character really has a way with numbers and within a couple of scenes you’ll be smitten. She’s adorable. 


I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, because it was a really fun discovery. I really recommend this film as it had heart, great female characters and a solid plot. 

The way you loved and hated characters flip-flopped like crazy and it was very refreshing. I’m sad I procrastinated watching this film for so long because it was great!

Watch the trailer below.

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