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[Review] RM – Right Place, Wrong Person

RM is back to treat us with his latest solo work ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’. We’re super stoked so let’s take a closer look at this album!

Right Place, Wrong Person

We start off with the track ‘Right People, Wrong Place’. This track is an intro to the album and it welcomes us with heavy synths, a lot of cool layering which creates the effect of being submerged. It’s a psychedelic trip.

After that comes ‘Nuts’. This track is dope as hell. Mokyo is listed as a co-producer which is rad to see. I really enjoyed the flow of this single. The drum – which kind of sounds like a bongo drum is a cool addition as was the electric guitar. The song talks about a toxic relationship which is ended neatly. The last verse is fire.

Out of love’ follows that with another sick groove. The layering is intense here and feels a bit disorienting. The lyrics are wild and I’m really digging this.

Domodachi’ starts with a really sick brass moment. The pace of this is quite a bit faster than the previous tracks and RM’s spitfire rapping is sick as hell. Little Simz as the feature is just so freaking cool! What a sick combination, two talents on one track!

Domi and JD Beck, a jazz duo, participated in the following track ‘? (interlude)’. This progressive jazz track is a dream to listen to and I love the tempo changes, the flute section and the drums.

Next up is ‘Groin’. This is an alt hip-hop track with a rock base and I am totally vibing with this. RM is shedding skins and representing his own true self. This feels core RM and I’m much appreciative. The fact that it’s on top of a sick ass beat is a double win.

‘Heaven’ is a dreamy shoegaze track. The guitars are absolutely lovely, I really enjoyed the flow of the entire track and the lyrics are immersive. It’s a lovely listen and a great addition to the album as it creates a more rounded experience.

After that comes the title track ‘LOST!’ Kim Hanjoo from Silica Gel participated as a composer which is incredibly cool. ‘LOST!’ is a fast paced alt pop track with a cool beat and a really funky synth in the backing track. I also loved the little vocal ‘aah’s’. This is just a solid track which will have you vibing and the music video is an absolute treat.

Does this mean RM is taking part in the office siren TikTok trend? I’m here for it.

Moses Sumney is a feature on the track ‘Around the world in a day‘. This alternative R&B/Soul track is literally a 10/10. The vocals and the guitars, the layering, the adlibs, the progression, everything is on point and the first time I listened to it I was absolutely stunned. What a fantastic track!

‘Credit roll’ is an outro with a cool synth line and an electric guitar. It’s a cute little moment.

The closing track is ‘Come back to me’ which came out as a pre-release and I’ve been re-playing it like crazy. Read more about that here.

Overall RM keeps stepping up his game, ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ is a beautifully crafted album with several stories but a common theme. It’s wonderful, a delight to listen to and hosts a variety of genres that still feel very cohesive.

Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

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