Photo Credits: HYBE LABELS

NewJeans Enchants with Nostalgic Dance-Pop in Latest Comeback ‘How Sweet’

NewJeans is back with new music in the new single album ‘How Sweet‘. Since their debut back in 2022, this group has not stopped topping the music charts with their releases, the list of accomplishments of this quintet is long, and we are thrilled to listen what they have prepared for this highlight anticipated comeback!

The title single, ‘How Sweet,’ kicks off this release with a dance-pop rhythm. The dreamy vibes in this song are beautiful, and as usual, the members charm listeners with their gorgeous singing and heavenly harmonies.

For the music video, they deliver visuals packed with nostalgic elements and a fresh touch. Natural and organic aesthetics dominate the flow of this production, with a vision and concept that are stunning from start to end. We always love seeing the members enjoy performing in their MVs. Watch it below:

Next up is the pre-release single ‘Bubble Gum‘, and we are still obsessed with the synth-pop and retro core of this song. We already wrote about this release, find it here.

The last two singles in this single album are the instrumental versions of both songs included in this release.

NewJeans once again released bops! get ready for the summer and add these song to your playlist here.

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