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[Review] RM – Indigo

RM is back to bless us with his second solo work ‘Indigo’. We were extremely impressed by the tracklist with the incredible line-up so our expectations are sky high. Let’s dive in!


We start off with ‘Yun’ featuring Erykah Badu. Badu is the godmother of neo soul so the fact that she’s included in the line-up is insane. You can (and should) read more about her here. The beginning of the track is narrated by the late Korean minimalist painter Yun Hyong-Keun who you can read more about here. ‘Yun’ has an incredible groove and raw rapping about being human and how we can find art in being human. Read the lyrics here.

‘Still Life’ featuring Anderson .Paak is up next. We’re going groovy in this one. I really enjoyed the wordplay between the ‘still life’ as in the type of art that displays inanimate objects and the ‘being still alive’. The brass is insane, the vibe is immaculate. I’m obsessed.

Tablo from Epik High is the next feature on ‘All Day’. This is old-school hip-hop with lyrics that fight against the current social climate. We love to see it. The marching like beat adds to the ‘anarchistic’ vibe. The chorus has some lovely brass in the instrumentation which is a lovely tie back to ‘Still Life’. The multiple vocal layers in the chorus makes you feel like you’re not the only one fighting againt the system, you’re part of a community. Tablo’s feature was dope and well incorporated.

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‘Forg_tful’ featuring indie singer-songwriter Kim Sawol follows that up with an acoustic guitar and a more intimate feeling. I absolutely adore the folk vibe with the soft guitar, the little whistles and the vocal colours of RM and Kim Sawol. What a beautiful little moment.

‘Closer’ featuring Paul Blanco and Mahalia is up next. First of all, what an insane collaboration! The track itself was produced by HONNE. This alternative R&B track has this really lovely blend of electronica and a bit of soul. This track is hella romantic. The vocals are next level!

After that comes the super cool ‘Change pt.2’. This interlude is a shock to the system. We’re going heavy electronica with an insane synth. To be honest, I’d have loved to hear more because the transition to the jazz piano was everything!

‘Lonely’ is a pop track that has a deceptively happy instrumental but gutwrenching lyrics. The plucky guitar in the instrumental is lovely and flows along nicely with RM’s rap timbre and more sing-songy vocals.

Colde is the feature on the next track ‘Hectic’. This city pop track is incredible. I love the vibe, the melancholy that is wrapped in some lovely synths and harmonies. Colde as always is lovely. The twangy trumpet in the back is awesome.

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The title track ‘Wild Flower’ is up next. Cho Yujin is the featured artist, she is the lead singer of the band Cherry Filter. This track will have you in an emotional chokehold. Yujin’s vocals in the chorus really hit the spot and create a very emotionally cathartic moment. RM’s rapping is raw and real and you should definitely go read the lyrics.

The closing track is ‘No. 2’ featuring Park Ji Yoon. This wholesome soft pop track has a wonderful balance and the repetition of the phrase ‘no looking back’ is cathartic and mesmerizing.

Overall ‘Indigo’ by RM is a wonderful, introspective listen that will linger with you for a while, even when the last note has left the ether. What a wonderful release.

Listen to the album on Spotify here.

For the full experience, go listen to his performance on Tiny Desk.

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