Photo credits: Airman

[R&B Gem] Airman

We’re back with a new R&B Gem and this time we’re sharing the sweet tunes by Airman. Let’s take a closer look!


Airman (Kwak Tae-Hoon) is a Korean singer-songwriter who debuted in 2017 with his official solo release ‘Airman Morning Diaries #1’.

Before that he had already released a couple of releases with the duo Airmangirl.

In 2018 Airman released the single that made him absolutely blow up ‘Gloomy Star’. This was part of his ‘Diaries’ series.

All of those releases he eventually collected in his first solo EP ‘Morning Diaries EP1’.

He continued on with the ‘Diaries’ series in 2019 until he released his full-length album in 2019 ‘Airman Morning Diaries’.

After that album, Airman started the new single series ‘Music Paper’.

He also collected all of those in his second full-length album ‘Airman Music Paper’ which was released in 2021.

His next chapter consisted of single releases with the title ‘Attitude’. That album was released in 2024.

Airman has released a bunch of his own music, but he’s also been composing for other artists and OSTs.

Overall, Airman has some incredible releases, so go ahead and do a deep dive into his discography here.

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