Photo credits: Jeong Yubin

[Indie Pick] Jeong Yubin

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this week we’re listening to the honey voice of Jeong Yubin.

Jeong Yubin is a Korean singer-songwriter who debuted in March 2020. He’s celebrating his first year since debuting this month! He may not have been active that long but he’s been releasing quite the steady stream of music. 

So far he has released three single albums and one EP. 

Here’s his debut title track ‘Acluistic’ which according to Urban Dictionary means ‘clueless’. 

‘Only have 3 left’ from his EP ‘3’ just tickles all of the right parts of my brain. The harmonies in the chorus are beautifully done.

Last week Jeong Yubin came out with his new single ‘Weirdo’ which we featured in our Weekly K-Indie Report.


Before releasing his solo music he was busy with his YouTube channel. Some of his videos are five years old so there’s quite a few of them to work through. He also has vlogs!

If you were ever obsessed with the soundtrack of the movie ‘Her’ featuring Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johansson, then you’re in luck. On his YouTube channel he’s been covering quite a few songs, but he also covered the ‘Moon Song’ originally by Karen O. This is one of my comfort songs when I’m having a rough time. Jeong Yubin’s interpretation is lovely and his voice is fit for lullabies. 

He’s also an artist. Jeong Yubin created the album covers himself using crayons. Take a look. 

As a way of closing I’d like to share some of his translated lyrics from his song ‘Empty Room’. 

I approach a snail that is left alone
I knock on that door that was blindingly shining
after waiting for awhile, there is still no answer
there is no one in that house
I’m locked inside myself
It’s a pity that i couldn’t grow more
seeing me with just a shell.
What would people think?


Go ahead and check out his Spotify here. You can find his Instagram here.

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