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[Review] Purple Kiss – BXX

Purple Kiss is back with their 6th Mini Album ‘BXX’.

By the looks and the concept pictures this release feels a bit more edgier than usual for them, let’s dive in and check what they have prepared.


Intro: Crush‘ opens up this mini to set the mood with a rather interesting and very bouncy mix, this track is rich in vocals and harmonies, definitely the perfect opener.

The title track ‘BBB‘ takes over with a hip-hop driven beat and a fun rhythm, with smooth singing and cool vocals, this song develops flawlessly and had us totally jamming at it. The music video brings angsty visuals and an incredible looks, the beauty shots are stunning, and the effects and transition very eye catchy. Check it below.

This mini-album takes a house music turn in ‘BITTER SWEET‘, this single goes onto the clubbing Kpop anthems list with amazing build-up and great drops. ‘Toy Boy‘ follows with dreamy synth and fantastic vocal layering. This sing is very smooth, and the sharpness of the rapping verses is fantastic!

Synth continues in ‘Heart Attack‘, but for this one they took a more retro approach and created a lovely single with a lot of charm and a composition that makes it a very pretty listen. Get ready to have this one in loop!

Closing this release in ‘Voyager’, as the title suggests, this song is light, cute, and comforting, the airy single, passion and emotions are all in this song, and the members pour their harts into this one. The perfect end for a well-rounded release!

Listen to this mini-album here.

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