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[Review] PIXY – The Voice

The girls from PIXY are back with their new mini-album ‘The Voice’. This is a standalone and doesn’t continue their Pixy universe storyline.

The Voice

We start off with ‘Truth or Dare’. This is a disco bop and describes the desire to tell their truth through daring actions. It’s super catchy and has a very solid beat. I like their vocal tones a lot and the sound feels very rich.

Sadly there’s no music video out yet.

After that we get ‘The Letter’. This is the full length version of their previous version they dropped on YouTube. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the instrumental so you can pay full attention to their vocals and the emotions they’re conveying.

P.S.’ is the following track. This one was written by the members. It’s a beautiful ballad with a stunning guitar in the instrumentation and a really lovely progression.

The closing track is the English version of ‘Truth or Dare’.

Overall, ‘The Voice’ is a lovely comeback by Pixy. I’m stoked to hear their voices again.

Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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