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[Review] OnlyOneOf – seOul cOllectiOn

The boys from OnlyOneOf are back with their new mini-album ‘seOul cOllectiOn’. Let’s dive right in!

seOul cOllectiOn

‘Chrome Hearts’ is the first track on this EP. What an interesting opening track. The beat goes hard and I’m really intrigued by the tone of the vocals. The EDM vibe is sick and the chorus is SO dope! The charisma and power is insane. What a vibe!

Next up is the title track ‘seOul drift’. This continues the energy from the first single. The dissonance between what you expect and what you get is so well played. There’s some fun panning between the ears of your headphones, so I would recommend listening to it with them on.

‘Mirage’ switches things up with an acousitc guitar and soft beats. The bass is working overtime and the instrumentals create such a lovely vibe that is only enhanced by the vocals. The rap verses with the jazzy piano are a delight!

The following track is ‘candy bOmb’. We’re going hard again with this one. This is giving me rave at the club. The afrobeat is insane and I’m absolutely loving it. The bridge gave me actual whiplash and made me feel like I was underwater. It’s so COOL.

‘BlueblueseOul’ is the Korean version of their Japanese release ‘Hidoi Otoko’ which came out last year.

‘Nabi’ is a lovely ballad with some great synths. I’m also liking the beat progression throughout the song.

The closing track is the English version of ‘dOra maar’ which we wrote about in our Art in Korean Music Videos feature.

Overall ‘seOul cOllectiOn’ by OnlyOneOf is a great release that has some sick beats and great vocals. I’m definitely replaying this.

Go listen to it on Spotify here.

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