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[Review] Kwon Jin Ah – The Flag

Kwon Jin Ah, vocal angel is back with her new mini-album ‘The Flag’. We’re absolutely stoked, because her vocals are beyond this world so let’s get ready to dive in!

The Flag

We start off with the track ‘Nighttide’. This absolutely stunning soft rock ballad has fantastic layering and, as expected, beautiful storytelling and vocals. I really like the guitar in this, as well as the drums. The acoustic guitar moment as the outro was lovely!

‘Raise Up The Flag’ comes next and is the title track of this release. This is the perfect track to belt out like crazy and leave you with an uplifted spirit. Get ready to your emotional battle stations. The bridge is outstanding and cathartic as hell. I love it!

The music video takes us on a mysterious journey in the Lithuanian landscape.

We follow that up with ‘These Days’. The R&B pop track is such a smooth listen and the bass is superb. The ending left us in suspense with the inhale which is SO dope.

The next track ‘As I dream’ was performed during Antenna Lab in 2021 and is now officially released through this album. It’s a beautiful ballad and has a wonderful soft piano instrumentation. The vocal layering in places is so lovely!

The closing track is ‘Butterfly’. This is a wonderful soft indie pop track. It’s a very wholesome end of this release.

‘The Flag’ by Kwon Jin Ah is delightful and a credit to her discography. She produced the full album herself and she did an outstanding job. Go ahead and listen to it on Spotify here.

You can read our review about her previous album here.

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