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[Review] ONEUS – La Dolce Vita

The boys from ONEUS are back with their new mini-album ‘La Dolce Vita’. We’re super stoked to hear new music from them, so let’s dive right in!

La Dolce Vita

We start off with the intro ‘Beggin You’. This is a very fun synthy pop track that could have totally been a full track without anyone minding.

After that comes the title track ‘Baila Conmigo‘, which stands for ‘dance with me’. We’re getting a really sick beat with great vocal layering. This is a party track with a sick flute in the backing track. The full thing is very Latin inspired, it’s pretty dope.

‘Simulation’ follows along with a very dramatic opening. I’m really digging these instrumentals. The strings, the piano that feels a bit Western inspired really bring out a very melodramatic sense.

Next up is ‘Epilogue’ which speaks about the beginning and the end of love. The guitar is really warm and emotional. The chorus is sweet and soft and allows you to focus on the very solid vocals.

The closing track is the Spanish version of ‘Baila Conmigo’.

Overall, this is a very solid mini-album. ‘La Dolce Vita’ is a great addition to the discography of ONEUS. Go listen to it here.

If you’d like to read about their previous comeback, you can check that out here.

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