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[Review] JOY – Hello

JOY from Red Velvet finally released her solo mini-album ‘Hello’. The teasers looked great so we’ve really been looking forward to this release. All of the songs on this mini are remakes of timeless classics. The album cover is giving me major 90s magazine cover vibes and I’m so here for that. 


We start off with the title track ‘Hello’. The original was released in 2003, by Park Hye-kyung. The song is bubbly, cheerful and the music video is adorable. It’s great to hear both versions. 

The second track is the pre-released single ‘Je T’aime’. We wrote about that when it first came out here. Here’s the video again.

Next up is ‘Day By Day’, originally released by the duo As One in 1999. This soft R&B ballad beautifully displays Joy’s great vocal power. 

‘If Only’ follows that. We get our first and only feature on the mini-album; Paul Kim. The original was released by Sung Si Kyung in 2002. I really enjoyed listening to the combo of their voices. It created a great atmosphere for the new version of the song. Also that bass is super neat.  

Next up is the track ‘Happy Birthday To You’, originally by Kwon Jin Won. I really enjoyed this jazzier track. The vocal ‘slides’ (for a lack of better word) JOY does, are lovely. This is such an adorable song. Hands down, my favorite of the album. 

We close the mini-album with ‘Be There For You’. This first came out in 1996 by Toy. I like that they kept in the harmonica. It makes for a more authentic vintage style.

You can find ‘HELLO’ by JOY on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.