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The girls from the LOONA subunit ODD EYE CIRCLE are finally back after a really rough time with their previous agency. We’re super stoked that they’re back, so let’s dive into their new mini-album ‘VERSION UP’.


We start off with ‘Did you wait?’. This is a beautiful intro with cool synths, a lovely echo effect and that ODD EYE CIRCLE magic that made them so cool in the first place.

After that comes the title track ‘Air Force One’. G-High and Jaden Jeong who were responsible for ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Fly High’ came back to create the title track. Kim Lip also has writing credits.

This is a really cool track that shows the essence of ODD EYE CIRCLE but feels so fresh and contemporary. This is dope and catchy and is straight going to my favorite playlist.

‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ is THAT girl. She’s sexy, expensive and has tons of charisma. This is such an addictive track and I love the flow of it. Also hello vocals!

Next up is ‘Lucid’. This is a very soft track with great vocals and some lovely synths in the instrumentation.

‘Love Me Like Me’ brings back the groove. We’re getting groovy R&B and some really fun instrumentation. There’s even some retro synths in there and I dig it!

The closing track is ‘My Secret Playlist’. This is an ethereal pop meets R&B bop that feels so quintessential LOONA that I had to listen to it a couple of times. I absolutely love it!

Overall, I’m super happy the girls from ODD EYE CIRCLE are back with ‘VERSION UP’. I wish them all the success in the world. I know that I’ll be following them!

You can find the album on Spotify here.

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