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[Review] Heejin – K

Heejin, known for he activities with LOONA and Odd Eye Circle, has released her first solo EP ‘<K>‘. With a fresh start under a new agency, she is ready to take the stage, marking seven years since her last solo release. What makes this release even more intriguing is her active participation in its production. Let’s dive into this highly anticipated extended play.


<K> kicks off with ‘Kehwa,’ an opening track that immerses listeners in a captivating blend of sounds and beats. It serves as an engaging prelude that immediately captures the audience’s attention and sets high expectations for what’s to come.

The title track, ‘Algorithm,’ transports us to the musical landscape of the 1980s, embracing a retro pop concept. The song’s dynamic textures and groovy catchiness make it a standout. The accompanying music video is a visual treat, seamlessly combining Korean traditional hanbok with modern aesthetics. Heejin gracefully shines in both concepts, and the flawless dance sequences add to the overall charm.

‘Sad Girls Club’ follows, evoking deep emotions with Heejin’s soulful vocals and a beautiful R&B tempo that strikes a heartfelt chord. The song’s delicate flow and supporting background vocals enhance the emotional impact.

Transitioning to an EDM-driven tempo in ‘Video Game,’ Heejin showcases her vocal versatility. This track combines angsty undertones with an incredibly smooth presentation, providing a unique listening experience.

In ‘Nokia,’ Heejin embarks on a more acoustic journey, delivering emotionally charged vocals and poignant lyrics. The stunning instrumentation evokes a sense of nostalgia as the song unfolds.

The EP concludes with ‘Addiction,’ a groovy R&B track with a touch of jazz. This final piece stands out as a total bop, featuring remarkable falsettos, impeccable vocal layering, and vibrant trumpet accompaniments. It leaves a lasting impression and ensures the EP concludes on a high note.

Heejin’s first EP is a well-rounded release, with beautifully executed musical diversity and a captivating concept. With each track, Heejin showcases her versatility and ability to shine in every moment. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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