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[Review] NCT DOJAEJUNG – Perfume

NCT has a new sub-unit. DOEJAEJUNG consisting of Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo is debuting with the mini-album ‘Perfume‘, this new NCT grouping gave fans a little sneak peak of their stage chemistry during the NCT 127 world tour. The visuals and concept photos of this release were all giving *magazine editorial pics*, and we are expecting smooth R&B and plenty of vocal power for the singles.

Let’s get right into it!


starting off strong with heavenly harmonies, the title track ‘Perfume’ kicks off this mini-album with electro R&B and smoothness in every second of it. The mix of vocal tones and rhythms int his single is fantastic, Doyoung’s, Jungwoo’s and Jaehyun’s singing in this song is fantastic and it just keeps getting better. THE POWER.

For the music video, this trio shows ethereal visuals, smooth dance moves and plenty of beauty shots. They look absolutely incredible and each one add an special element into the mix. A special shoutout goes to Doyoung and his very angelical but sensual looks, definitely one side if his we haven’t seen before. Watch it below.

Kiss‘ takes over with a medium-tempo R&B and vibey beats. The mixing and layering in this song are fantastic and seamless, the harmonies for the chorus next level, and their vocalisation just incredible. Jungwoo’s soft tone adds a special touch to this song, and Doyoung’s high notes as usual elevate the feeling.

With a rather minimalistic but very cool intro ‘Dive‘ comes up next, the drum loop and bass line in this song are a vibe, Jaehyun’s vocals in this song stand-out, specially with his change of tone for the bridge, we love a smooth transition between falsettos and chest vocals. Just flawless.

We go funky with ‘Strawberry Sunday‘, this song gives is pure happiness in almost three minutes, everything about this single is amazing, the synth line, the beats drops, harmonies and transitions, all of it is incredible. The bridge is next level smoothness and Doyoung’s falsettos and high notes just amazing.

Can We Go Back‘ adds to the mix in this mini-album a more serious and mature tone, the emphasis in the singing is amazing and I particularly loved Jungwoo’s vocal depth in this song and Jaehyun’s ad-libs.

We reach the end of this EP with ‘Ordinary‘ and its warm arrangement. This ballad and its beautiful piano orchestration totally took our breath away, DOJAEJUNG vocals are a heavenly mix and the perfect end for this amazing release.

NCT DOJAEJUNG’s went over all our expectations, this mini-album is a solid listen and each single song has a unique element to offer. Make sure to check this non-skip release here.

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