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[Review] Nam Woo-hyun – With

Infinite’s Nam Woo-hyun is finally back after a long wait with his fourth solo mini-album ‘With‘. Fans have been looking forward to this release and we are eager to listen to this long awaited comeback.

Let’s dive into the music.


We start off this release with the instrumental track ‘With‘, the jazzy melody of this single is a vibe on its own. I really liked how it gradually becomes stronger as the song develops and it becomes even more immersive.

Sensuality takes over in the title track ‘Calm and Passion‘, and get ready for some airy and sexy vocalization. The R&B/pop vibe of this single is fantastic and it suits the concept perfectly. For the music video as expected we get stunning visuals and sexy moves, check it below.

With an EDM track ‘Lonely Night‘ comes up next. Woo-hyun’s singing in this single is particularly passionated and he kills the high notes, the song itself has a certain carefree feel to it that makes it very enjoyable.

Somehow (My Diary)‘ takes over with a lovely piano melody and a bass line to complement it. This track follows up an R&B/pop style that takes Woo-hyun’s vocals to the next level. The full vibe is just fantastic and the ad-libs were amazing.

With a bit of a noir concept we get the single ‘Alone‘, this song has a rich sound and vocals. The instrumentation is lovely and its jazzy outro was splendid.

Last on this release is ‘A Song For You‘, and I really want to listen to this track live I can totally imagine a crowd being hyped up to this song, it is cute and kinda wholesome.

Nam Woo-hyun delivered a great comeback with a musically diverse EP in ‘With’, and a fantastic sound. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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