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[Review] My Name Is Loh Kiwan

We’re back with a new film review and this time we took a look at the film ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’.

‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’ is a 2024 film based on the book of the same title written by Cho Hae-Jin. The film was directed and adapted by Kim Hee-Jin and stars Song Joong-ki and Choi Sung-Eun.


‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’ tells the story of North Korean defector Loh Kiwan who tries to get refugee status in Belgium. He travels from China to Brussels via a broker after a very traumatic event and then has to survive the cold winter.

He gets to know Marie after she stole his wallet. Marie ends up being involved in some shady business but they grow close after recognising each other’s struggles.


This was quite a heavy film as it discusses heavy topics like immigration and the painful bureaucracy surrounding it, grief and connection.

The performances were stellar and the chemistry between Kiwan and Marie was sizzling. The film shows both some of the best and the worst of humanity and is definitely worth a watch!

Check out the trailer below.

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