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[Indie Pick] Mulgwaumm

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re taking a closer look at Mulgwaumm. 

This is what he wrote in his little bio on Soundcloud: “I am a singer – songwriter working in Korea. I want to follow the waves of unstoppable water flow and the sound of running away.”

If you’re looking for spacious sounds, with a lot of intricately layered synths, you’re at the right place. 


Mulgwaumm’s first release was on the 2019 album ‘Seoul, Outskirts’ which was a collection by three different artists. You can find it on Spotify here.

 He also appears on the omnibus ‘Children’s songs for all’ that came out in 2019. 

His official debut didn’t come until 2021 with the release of the single ‘Estuary’. The word estuary means where the tide comes together with the sea. For someone whose goal it is to follow the waves, this seems a very apt official debut. 

The single album ‘Sediment’ was released in February 2022. The album introduction is beautiful and poetic; 

“We all have our own rivers. Sometimes I look at myself in it, and sometimes I soak myself in it. When the river of the heart flows smoothly into the world, the river embraces life. However, if the river is blocked or cut off for some reason, the water will rot and stinky.

Sometimes it feels like your personal efforts have hit a barrier of reality and the path is completely blocked. When that happens, I look at the sediments in that river. Records of how I myself have been lost in the water to approach someone and to flow into a new path are piled up in it.

So, I bury myself by my side for a while and dream of rising again.” 

A couple of days ago mulgwaumm released his first full-length album ‘Latent Focus’. The single ‘Red Rope’ is a personal favorite of mine.

I think mulgwaumm is a very interesting artist to continue following throughout the years. Each release carries its own weight and creates a beautiful soundscape. 

Go ahead and listen to his discography on Spotify here

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.