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[Review] LUN8 – BUFF

Boy group LUN8 is back with their second mini-album ‘BUFF’, it has been over six months since their last album release. Let’s dive into the music and check what they have prepared.


Kicking-off this release we get the single ‘MON2SUN (MON♡SUN)‘ with a modern beat mix, and a cool build up. This single has a bit of an emotional flow, with great harmonies and a lot of feel.

The title track ‘SUPER POWER‘ follows up with a strong performance by the vocal line and a lot of charm. The music video is a lot more performance driven, and we absolutely loved the pink matching outfits. Totally adorable but flow of style. Check it below.

GOT THE RIZZ‘ comes up next with a lot of charismas and a fantastic synth line and composition. This single is very refreshing and trendy, and it only gets better with the great verse delivery of the rap-line and its combination with the vocals. Definitely a solid b-side.

We move onto R&B with ‘PASTEL‘, the intro in this single is smooth with an instrumental build-up that makes it both mysterious and vibey. The melody line and vocal layering are great, with impressive ad-libs and seamless transitions.

This release near its end with ‘Now‘ and its disco-style sound. The mix of instrumentals for this song is rather intriguing but makes super fun to listen to, with little surprises hidden as it builds up for the beat drop. Last in this release is the english version of the title track.

LUN8 released a great mini-album, showing a very fresh and fun side of this group. Make sure to check out this release here.

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