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[Review] Lim Hyunsik – The Young Man and the Deep Sea

Lim Hyunsik is back with his second solo mini-album ‘The Young Man and the Deep Sea’ after five years. Hyunsik is listed as the lyricist and composer of all the tracks and participated in the album concept, design and even the music video planning. The title of the mini was inspired by ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway.

The Young Man and the Deep Sea

We start off with ‘The Tides of Life’. I love the ambient opening as if you’re jumping in the water and listen to the sounds of the ocean. The warm guitar and the synths create a very lovely dynamic.

After that comes the title track ‘La Mar’. This rock ballad is stunning, dramatic and makes you feel the feels. Hyunsik has an incredible voice and really delivers on this track.

I have to say that clear guitar looks absolutely amazing! The entire music video is really well done and the settings and the shots are beautiful.

‘Deep Blue Sea’ is a waltz and is almost entirely in English apart from two lines in the bridge. It’s a beautiful, hypnotizing track. The instrumentals are well layered and will have you swaying in no time. The bridge is insane and cathartic and leaves you with a wild heartbeat that is then soothed by the wonderful piano outro. This is such a well crafter, well produced track!

Next up is ‘Sunshine’. This is a song for the fans. Hyunsik compares his fans to the light of the sun shining on the sea, showing him the right path. We’re going for happy synths and a retro vibe for this one.

After that comes ‘Navigate’. I enjoyed reading this line from the album description: “There will be many ebbs and flows in the future, but I know where to go. Sail to the island of your dreams!” This is an uplifting pop rock track with a lot of heart and an uplifting spirit.

The closing track is ‘Swimming’, his single from 2017, reimagined.

Overall ‘The Young Man and the Deep Sea’ is an incredible mini-album by Lim Hyunsik. The flow of the entire album is great and each individual track has the power to stand on its own. It’s well crafted and will be one of those gems that stays on rotation for many years.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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