Photo credits: Around Us Ent


Lee Gi Kwang, icon, actor and Highlight (former BEAST) member and succesfull soloist is back with his first full-length album ‘PREDATOR‘. Let’s dive in!


We start off with the title track ‘PREDATOR‘. This synthwave track is very sensual and will definitely persuade you to add it to your favorite playlist. It’s hot, it’s cool and the beat is sick.

The music video is stunning and filled with aesthetic shots and tons of abs.

‘Favorite’ is next. We’re going Dancehall with this one with another sick beat and a lot of interesting layers in the instrumentation. This is really cool and a fun listen.

After that we get ‘I can’t do this’. This future pop track is one of those tracks that sounds rather happy but where the lyrics are the opposite. The lyrics are about having to let go of your partner after a break-up. You can totally feel your feelings while on the dancefloor though.

‘Anxiety’ is a very cool alternative R&B track that has a great beat. The bridge is stunning and we get some really lovely vocals by Lee Gi Kwang. You should really get your headphones out for the full experience.

Next up is ‘I’m not you’. The alternative pop ballad really delivers on the emotional power and will have you swaying along. The vocals really deserve your attention and are wonderfully brought.

‘Out of control‘ is a vibe! There is some really nice guitar in the backing track and the vocals are great! The female voice you hear is probably the soloist IRIS who is credited for the lyrics.

Dreamy and vintage join in ‘Universe‘ with a smooth R&B and lo-fi mix, the arrangement itself is soft with sexy undertones, and the beats mix and flow in the lyrics, chill and vibey.

R&B and pop meet in ‘Jealous‘, the melodic rapping and synth in this song is very dope, it feels very much like the type of song to vibe to. ‘Goin’ Down‘ follows up with old school beats and a fantastic mix of rapping and vocals, this single is a total throwback, super fun to listen to and groove away.

Electric bass introduces ‘Religious‘ and stays present throughout the full track. The build up in this single is amazing to listen to, the inclusion of the electric guitar for the chorus and beats drop are total perfection, this track is a listening experience, absolutely stunning.

Blind‘ begins to shakes things up with an alternative R&B tempo and a sensual flow, this song mixes smooth rapping and dope singing with falsettos, a top tier mix. Last in this album is ‘Dive‘ bringing back the R&B-pop mix in a more summer-like single, the EDM arrangements are warm and very chill, a very cool and fresh way to close this release.

Lee Gi Kwang delivered a solid album, with a lovely mix of rhythms that showed off his skills and vocal power. make sure to listen to this release here.