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[Review] Le Sserafim – EASY

The girls from Le Sserafim are back to wow us with their latest mini-album ‘EASY’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the track ‘Good Bones’. A couple of weeks ago they pre-released this.

After that comes the title track ‘EASY’. I love this breezy, airy R&B with a relatively minimalistic layering of instrumentals. The vocals were really well done and the choreography look stunning.

‘Swan Song’ is a mid-tempo R&B pop track with a very chill flow and soft vocals. I loved the adlibs in the backing track and the guitars.

We’re going reggae for ‘Smart’. The beat is totally addictive and the autotune on the vocals is tastefully done and creates a cool summer bop.

The closing track is ‘We got so much’. This song was performed during their first concert tour in 2023. It was co-written by Hyun-jin and Eun-chae. I love this track. It’s so solid, catchy and has great vocals.

Overall ‘EASY’ is a pretty solid mini-album by Le Sserafim. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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